Progress in the VEMoS Project (Virtual Eye Model System)

The clinical trial that aims to revolutionise the field of refractive surgery is underway

Miranza’s R&D&I teams are already working on the clinical trial of the VEMoS Project by collecting samples from 1,400 eyes at Miranza IOA and at Vissum Grupo Miranza, the centre where the system’s code is being processed, as well as at two European centres: Portugal (Centro Hospitalar e Universitário de Coimbra) and Denmark (Aarhus Universitetshospital).

The launch of this new phase of the project was activated last spring, with the arrival of our all-in-one ophthalmic diagnostic device (CSO’s MS39-AXL and Open Field Aberrometer), which has provided the VEMoS project with the ability to obtain the largest and best number of visual analysis tools. The biometric data collected by this technology is used as a model to build the first virtual eye of one of our patients, hence responding to the bottom line of the project, which aims to integrate this diagnostic information for treatment design.

Customised and predictive medicine heralds the future

Thanks to the software, which was developed at Vissum Grupo Miranza, it will not only be possible to collect and analyse data, but also to forecast and simulate different scenarios in order to visualise the different effects of surgery on the patient’s eye. To this end, VEMoS clinical trials have started at the Miranza clinic in Alicante, following the training of the ophthalmologists and optometrists involved.

One of the goals of the VEMoS Project is to become predictive and to be able to provide great security to patients, who will be able to know how they are going to improve, so they can make more informed decisions, based on information drawn from real data. The system’s applications will be twofold: one at the corneal level and another one that will allow the development of intraocular lenses, tailored to the eye.

Dr Jorge Alió (a #Vissum #GrupoMiranza specialist and clinical director), together with the project’s biomedical engineer, Marina José Martínez, explains in depth what VEMoS is about.

*The VEMoS project is a project funded by the European Commission within the H2020 Fast Track Innovation call.