Quality, environment and patient safety policy


Miranza is a group of Ophthalmology Clinics dedicated to providing eye diagnosis services and outpatient eye surgery. Aware of the human and social importance of its activity, Miranza’s main premises are to meet the needs and expectations of its patients with maximum efficiency and effectiveness, to do our work in accordance with correct environmental behaviour, as well as to carry out the activity in a safe environment for our patients, assuming as a basic operating principle of its clinics service quality, understood as patient satisfaction, respect for the environment as society’s satisfaction, as well as patient safety through effective risk management, and specifies this in the following operating principles:

  • To continuously improve the effectiveness of SGCMSP and the processes by establishing objectives, according to the resources and means available, and reviewing them regularly, in order to continuously improve the organisation.
  • To provide patients with a humane and personalised treatment in a safe environment for them.
  • To provide its services with highly qualified personnel and technically advanced equipment, so that they are reliable and efficient.
  • In strict compliance with the law, to meet the requirements and demands of patients, as well as the legislative requirements applicable to the activity in terms of quality and safety, without forgetting compliance with the environmental requirements associated with significant environmental aspects.
  • To comply with the commitments derived from the ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and EN 179003 standards, the associated regulatory and complementary requirements, as well as those derived from subsequent amendments.
  • To promote the human factor, as it is essential in the implementation and maintenance of the Quality, Environment and Patient Safety Management System, since this can only be achieved through continuing and comprehensive training, awareness, communication, active participation and teamwork of all our company members.
  • To allocate the necessary human and material resources for the appropriate rendering of the services requested.
  • To monitor the organisation’s processes, to correct any deviation that may occur and to detect opportunities for improvement.
  • To continuously improve and prevent pollution with regard to the environmental aspects identified within the organisation, mainly related to waste production.
  • To commit to society in the protection and preservation of the environment with regard to the activity carried out by the organisation in a direct or indirect way.
  • To keep an open attitude to providing information to the outside world, making known our actions aimed at protecting the Environment, Quality Management and Patient Safety.
  • To define and maintain a system of indicators of the Quality, Environment and Patient Safety processes that allows us to monitor them, analyse them and make decisions for improvement.
  • Miranza is committed to facilitating and making available to all its staff an internal notification channel of security issues that may occur, thus guaranteeing confidentiality in the analysis and decision-making process.

It is the responsibility of each and every person in the organisation to continuously improve Quality, respect for the Environment and Patient Safety while carrying out the processes associated with Miranza.